The following is a glimpse of my life's work. I hope it conveys a picture of someone whose passion and dedication is equaled by innovation.  Never accepting the limitations of existing technology has driven me to invent new devices/procedures to:

  • Facilitate/speed recovery
  • Reduce office based treatment
  • Significantly reduce treatment cost






  • BS in Biology, Doctor of Chiropractic Degree
  • Rutgers University, Logan College of Chiropractic, Cum Laude Graduate
  • Onsite Chiropractor and Ergonomic Consultant for Pitney Bowes, 1999 to present.
  • Past Medical Director, Oxford Health Plan
  • Special Investigations/Fraud Examiner, Oxford Health Plan
  • One of twelve chiropractors selected nationwide to establish/implement guidelines, procedures, and protocols consistent with URAC and NCQA standards for a national panel of chiropractors.
  • Treating physician for Olympic skiers, world class cyclists, as well as state champion wrestlers and tennis players.

​NECK TRACTION DEVICE (Patent  5067483)

My neck traction invention became, and still is, the benchmark worldwide

for patients and practitioners. It is utilized in the treatment of millions of patients.

Generation 2 patent pending, which will once again completely revolutionize how these conditions are treated and provide even better results.


This exercise device corrects forward slumped shoulders resulting in chronic neck and upper back pain.  This posture can also lead to rotator cuff tendonitis.  I strive to reduce office based dependency, provide the proper home therapeutic exercises, as well as valuable insight into reducing the postural stressors created by so many of today's keyboard devices.

ERGONOMIC CHAIR  (Patent 7380881)

Prolonged sitting often causes or increases low back pain. Sitting incorrectly,

or in a chair improperly adjusted or designed, may prevent your low back pain from resolving, despite how much treatment you receive.  I developed a chair that not only automatically corrects poor sitting posture, but also allows for spinal motion in the low back,encouraging nutrition to the discs.